General Code of Conduct

    • The language of this corporate blog is English
    • We strive to have an open and objective dialog with our readers.
    • Each participant of this blog must respect applicable laws. This applies particularly to the use of material protected by copyright.
    • The writing style and the choice of words of the blog posts may vary due to different authors giving the blog a personal touch.
    • Personal opinions of authors or posts on behalf of INDUSTRONIC are marked as such.
    • We will protect corporate information and will not post confidential data.
    • We act in the best interest of our company.
    • Comments on our blog posts only reflect the opinions of individual readers. INDUSTRONIC does not assume any responsibility for the correctness or completeness of contents.

Making Comments

    • Prior to making a comment you must consider potential consequences of your action.
    • Choose your words carefully and use good judgment when commenting.
    • Never offend or discredit anyone in your comments.
    • Avoid making over-generalized statements.
    • Do not post pictures, information and quotations without the written consent or approval of the person affected.

Responding to Comments

    • We will respond to you in a respectful manner. In return, we ask the same of you.
    • Publishing comments of our readers has top priority. Comments will be reviewed by our blog team before they are posted on our blog. We will respond to comments in a timely manner. We apologize for delays due to national holidays.
    • We will not publish comments that are spam, inappropriate, offensive or otherwise violate our Terms and Conditions of Use.
    • Before posting, we reserve the right to edit or delete inappropriate comments which can’t be seen as a constructive contribution to the dialog. Any changes will be marked clearly.


INDUSTRONIC reserves the right to change the content of these guidelines at any time with no notice.
Last updated: September 23rd, 2013