Dear Reader,

Our business continues to grow at a high level despite the low price of oil.

The demand for IP solutions is steadily increasing. Nevertheless, the digital 2-wire technology with its transmission distance of up to 4 km (2.5 miles) for remote intercom stations with additional speaker will play an important role for a long time to come. Hybrid solutions combine the advantages of both technologies.

Our new high power speaker application with 125-W acoustic horns is experiencing great success. It provides excellent speech intelligibillity over long distances and is ideal to address large-scale areas such as tank farms and marine loading terminals. In combination with the classic public address speakers for buildings and outdoor areas with hidden nooks and corners, you get a perfect solution for efficient and high-quality broadcasting of announcements and alarms throughout the plant.

Together with our various intercom functions, we provide you with reliable wire-based industrial communication which also integrates wireless communication.

Regards, Wolfgang Stallmeyer


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