Dear Reader,

Our main market Oil & Gas is suffering from the low price of oil. Despite this fact we are happy that INDUSTRONIC systems are enjoying growth in number and volume.

The market is increasingly characterized by major international projects. Our worldwide network makes us the right partner for this kind of project.

In terms of technology, hybrid systems remain state of the art. They combine the advantages of both IP technology and digital 2-wire technology. Nowadays, Ethernet is used in almost all industrial plants. Nevertheless, the digital 2-wire technology will be present in the industrial sector for a long time. 

Software is becoming increasingly important. Soon, you will be able to purchase and activate software-based communication functions of INDUSTRONIC independently from the hardware. The advantage especially for the end user: communications functions become the center of attention.

It is our vision that the communication requirements are detailed and prioritized in the specification. We would be more than happy to assist you in this decision-making process with our 50 years of expertise.


Wolfgang Stallmeyer


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